Monday, October 15, 2012

KCWC Day 7: Camo Skulls Cargo Pants

It rained all weekend, and yesterday I really just wanted to sit around and read or something equally lazy.  I might have if I'd been planning on making something for E.  Since all my sewing had been for her so far, it was time to make something for the boy.

We decided on some cargo pants from a print that's been in my stash for 5+ years.  I used the Hot Scott pattern again, even though I'm not that crazy about it.   I am, however, crazy about not having to trace another pattern when I have one that fits fairly well.  Lazy.   Now that I have the sizing figured out, my biggest complaint is the directions, but since this was my third time, that didn't matter so much.

I do like the details: topstitching, eyelets on the cargo pockets, etc. This was my first time setting eyelets in fabric.  I loved to use eyelets when I was in my card-making phase.  It was just as easy on fabric.

It is probably silly to put so much time into pants made from quilting cotton for a seven-year-old,  though. I imagine he'll rip through a knee in short order.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be below the cargo pockets, so I can cut them off into shorts.

This was the first time I did the faux fly correctly!  After the last pair, I realized I had done it completely wrong on both pairs of shorts.

Patch pockets on the back this time, instead of pockets with flaps.  I made them longer to compensate, but I think they may be up a little too high.  It doesn't look too bad when they're on, though.  Plus his shirts are always untucked.

I was going to say that's it for KCWC sewing, but I still have my Day 1 gift item to show you!


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