Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Apron

It's the year of the apron! I'd only made two ever prior to 2012 and now this is my fifth -- or sixth if you count the RTW one I appliqued -- of the year.

This one as a request from my sister-in-law for her husband. She said he was looking for something with  more coverage and pockets. We picked dark gray twill for durability and stain-hiding.

I used the J. Caroline Creative tutorial, which I'd made before and still had the pattern piece.  To make it larger, I lined it up 1.5" from the fold.

I think the "wrinkle-ease" fabric means it wrinkles easily!  It was a pain.
Then I extended the side by 4", following the curve already established.

The pockets were made from an 8x21" piece, hemmed along the top, sides and bottom turned under and then sewn on, with two additional lines of stitching to divide it into thirds.

I made self-fabric ties from 2" strips of fabric folded to the middle and then folded in half (there's probably a term for this, but you know what I mean, right?), sewn on and then bar-tacked to reinforce them.

O agreed to model as long as I didn't include his head in the shot. The cat volunteered herself.

She can't resist long strings of any kind.


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