Friday, May 13, 2011

KCWC Day 5

Woot!  I finally completed an entire project in one day, tracing and all.  Of course, it only had two pattern pieces, but whatever.

The pattern is Miss Madeline by The Handmade Dress.  This is another one that I've made before.  I used grosgrain ribbon for the waistband, rather than a coordinating fabric, and did a 3/4" hem instead of 1/2".

Does the print look familiar?  I used it for a play sling last month and said I hoped I'd sew the rest up into a dress for E. soon.  I'm sort of shocked that it actually happened in a timely fashion.  Yay for KCWC! 


  1. I love the ribbon band! So clever!

  2. The dress is adorable - great colors and the ribbon band is super cute! Thanks for sharing - Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    ~Stephanie Lynn

  3. Beautiful dress! I am working my way towards sewing clothing... a little at a time. LOL Right now I just keep adding to my pattern list of projects to make, someday. :)



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