Monday, February 28, 2011

Itty Bitty Owl Hat

I'm so in love with this little guy.

Our family photographer is expecting her third child in a few weeks and asked me to knit a newborn-sized owl hat.  With my love of owls and penchant for crafting for wee ones, I was thrilled.  She specified the color palette and asked for ear flaps, but otherwise left it up to me.  I looked around a bit on Etsy and combined some inspiration from there with my newborn hat pattern and some crocheted details.

I've been thinking that E. needs one too, but feel like making one this late in winter would be admitting that spring will never come.  Maybe I'll revisit the idea this fall.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Girl's Birthday Dress -- and a Poncho

There was much agonizing over E's dress for her third birthday.  I'd decided weeks ago to make a Modkid Kyoko, but after several shopping trips, I couldn't find just the right fabric.  Hate it when that happens.  On to Plan B, which involved some turquoise velour and my handy-dandy collection of Ottos.  I settled on the "Pine Green" Jersey Dress from Ottobre 6/2008, in neither green nor jersey -- although I did line the skirt with jersey.  E. is in a 3T in RTW, but really only for the length, so I traced a 92 for the width and 98 for the length.

Skirt lining
It went together pretty quickly and easily, which was fortunate, since I sewed it up the night before her party -- of course.  It does seem to run a bit short, but it's hard to tell for sure, since she can't stand independently.  If I were to make it again, I'd add 2-3" to the skirt portion.

I may or may not have made the dress just to go with these tights.
I really like the shirring detail on the bodice.  I was intimidated by shirring for much too long.  It's so easy!  Don't fear the elastic thread.

I tried to match her bee cake to her dress and came pretty close!

She was also in need of a bigger poncho, so that was one of her gifts.  The Sew Baby Poncho Pizzazz pattern is easily my all time most-sewn pattern (excluding diapers).  As I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of the poncho as outerwear.  This one is made from some yummy Windpro -- love that stuff! -- with my usual mods of adding elastic the hood and overlapping it at the neckline.  I made it a size too big, but it's still wearable, and I know she'll outgrow it soon enough.  *sigh*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Limitless Strands Necklace

As soon as I saw this tutorial, I knew I had to make one for my sister's birthday.  She's always wearing super cute jewelry when I see her, most of which she makes herself.  In fact, most of my jewelry is from her.  Lucky me! 

Reading through the instructions, I thought it would be simple enough to make.  Simple perhaps, but I vastly underestimated how long it would take, as is typical for me.  Turning the ribbon tubes right side out took what seemed to be a ridiculously long time, the satin ribbon kept snagging on my fingernails, and I was concerned about some pulling at the seams.  I used a 70/10 universal needle to sew them, but maybe I should have used something else?  It's far from perfect (Sorry, J!), but I'm hoping this is a case where the problems are only noticeable if you really inspect it closely.  So if you see her wearing this, don't get all up in her face to check it out, okay?  Thanks.  ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

A HeartFELT Valentine's Day

Nothing like waiting until the last minute once again, huh?  I finally finished up our Valentine's Day bunting this afternoon, after having the pieces cut for weeks.  O. chose the glittery felt for the hearts.  I'm so not a glitter person, but it turned out cute.  This is the first time I've made a bunting with felt for the backing.  The others, for the kids' birthdays and Halloween, were turned and topstitched quilting cottons.  Those hang better, but this was so much faster!  I think it would be a great no-sew project too.  I wanted the added texture of the visible stitching, but you could whip one out pretty quickly with a hot glue gun!

Look, we covered up that weird outlet above the mantel with a clock!  Much better.  "Bee Mine" is a printable from here and the owl is from here.

While we were stocking up on glitter felt, O. also found some felt bookmark blanks, so we decided to get some felt letters and hearts and make personalized bookmarks for his classmates' valentines.  Grandma stepped up and helped him work on them over the weekend when I was knee-deep in prep for E's birthday party (dress details to be posted in the next few days), and we finished the last five or so last night.  He really enjoyed choosing which colors and hearts to use for each friend and did the majority of the work himself.  He only needed help finding the letters in the pile and putting on the ribbons.


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