Friday, October 12, 2012

KCWC Day 5: Corduroy Modkid Sydney

Today's project was a fine-wale corduroy Modkid Sydney for E.  I wanted a trimmer fit than the example, so made it in a 3T width/5T length combo, which fits her perfectly.  Like the last time I made a Sydney, I used the width of the fabric for the skirt, rather than piecing it.

One thing I wish I'd remembered is that I don't like the neckline finish, which shows when worn.  Next time I'll try a lined bodice rather than just a facing, so the seam connecting the hood won't be exposed.

This was fun stash-buster.  All three prints were purchased at separate times, some years apart.  The polka dot was left over from her first birthday outfit.


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