Thursday, July 26, 2012

His & Hers Aprons

We've been so busy this summer than I'm way behind on the blogging front. I made this pair of aprons for a bridal shower over a month ago. Yikes.

I've had the Emmeline Apron pattern for years, but finally had a good reason to sew it up. It only took about four hours including cutting, so I think there's one in my near future as well. I probably agonized over the fabric choices for longer than that...

I don't remember much about the construction -- another drawback of putting off posting for so long! -- so I assume it went together pretty easily.

This is my nonchalant fashion blogger pose. Ha ha ha. I think I'll stick with the sewing blog.

I did not do the hand sewing as recommended in the pattern, and if I make it as a gift again, I would. You can see the wonky machine stitching in the above photo where the waistband meets the side binding.

I love that it's reversible -- I'm a messy cook!

I wanted to make something for the groom also, since the bride usually gets most of the goodies at showers. He's a big Badger fan, so I used a blank apron from Hobby Lobby and appliqued on the Wisconsin W.

Ray poses with a bit more enthusiasm than I do.


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