Monday, July 28, 2014

KCW Days 6&7: A Bee Swimsuit for E!

My last project for KCW was a much-needed swimsuit for E.  Her butt is literally three sizes smaller than her chest, so RTW just doesn't work.  Luckily, I won the adorable Cosi Swimsuit pattern from one of Call Ajaire's Monthly MashUp giveaways (along with the Shandiin, which I'm looking forward to sewing up soon, too!).  The Cosi has a ton of variations, but none of them were quite what I wanted.  A two-piece is much easier for diaper changes, but I prefer more coverage than a bikini.  I also wanted the bottoms to completely cover her diaper, as well as offer more sun protection.

So with all those things in mind, and the perfect fabric from The Fabric Fairy for my little bee-lover, I came up with this skirted tankini, using a combination of the Cosi, Jalie 2796, and this circle skirt calculator.

For the top, I cut a straight size 5 of view D, lengthening the pieces 2" past the peplum line.  I lined it with some nude swimsuit lining from Joann's and sewed it up as directed.  The only problem I had was topstitching the top edge through the elastic.  I don't know if it was me or my machine (probably a bit of both), but even with my beloved walking foot it didn't go well.  The fabric kept getting stuck, and I'd have to yank it backwards.  I ended up ripping out my first attempt and trying again.  It's better, but I'm still not very happy with it.  If anyone has advice, I'd love to hear it!  The hem along the bottom was fine, so I'm guessing it had something to do with the bulk with the elastic??

I will probably shorten the straps (if I ever get around to it!), but I'm very pleased with the fit overall.

For the bottoms, I used the Jalie compression shorts again, but this time with the size I inseam, and sandwiched a 7.25" long circle skirt between the shorts and the waistband.  The skirt was small enough that I could cut it in one piece.  I did make the waist opening a tiny bit too big, so there's a bit of gathering on the front when it's flat, but not once she's wearing it.

I'm very happy with both the fit and the coverage of the bottoms also.

She appears to be happy with it also.

I have plenty of the bee fabric left, so I'm going to make her a rash guard next.  I also threatened to make myself a bee bikini, which horrified O.  Hahaha.


  1. This suit is do cute! Love the skort.

  2. Super cute swimsuit! You should absolutely make yourself a bee bikini.;)



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