Monday, March 5, 2012

Star Wars Swim Bag

O's class recently started swimming lessons at the local YWCA, and it seemed he needed a special wet bag to put his things in.  A regular plastic bag did not seem to offer enough incentive to not just throw his damp towel and swim trunks right in his regular backpack...  

I suggested a drawstring backpack, and he requested that it be Star Wars, specifically with a light saber on it.  The original plan was to applique one on, but when E. and I made a quick trip to Joann's a few weeks back, I spotted this comic print and knew he'd love it.  He'd just gotten this old Return of the Jedi graphic novel at Goodwill and thought it was pretty cool.

I used this lined drawstring backpack tutorial, but enlarged it a bit.  The outer fabric pieces were 14x18", and for the PUL lining, I just cut one 14x35" piece, eliminating the bottom seam.

I also changed the pocket to use an inset zipper, like this.  My zipper was 9" long, so I added 2" to the PUL I used to line the pocket.

The one change I would make next time would be to cut the outer a bit longer and the lining shorter, so that the casing was just the outer fabric folded to the inside.  The PUL is a bit bulky to close, especially with the fabric from the seam allowance taking up room as well. It's still functional, though, and O. likes it a lot. So far he has come home every week with the wet stuff IN it.  Yay! 


  1. Muy bonita. Tu hijo debe de estar muy orgulloso de ti.

  2. I know a soon to be 10 year old girl who could really use one of these when swim club starts up again this summer. Talk about a winter's worth of yucky backpacks. Eww. You know she loves anything with the peace sign. :-)

  3. This is great! I so could have made this for my niece for her birthday.



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