Sunday, February 19, 2012

Newborn Gown & Hat

We welcomed a new nephew into the family earlier this month -- yay!!  I'm so excited, but very bummed that they're too far away to visit in the near future.  I'd love to get in on some newborn snuggles, but since I can't, I sewed and knitted up an outfit in which he could be snuggled.

I love, love, love baby gowns (and soaker sacks) and was looking forward to trying out the Rockin' Baby Gown tutorial.  I used yardage instead of upcycling a tee, but the only difference that made was that I had to hem the little foldover mitt flap. 

I also used the ribbed neckline variation, but didn't think the exposed serging was really my sister-in-law's style, so did it the regular way and top-stitched with a zigzag.

This may very well be my new go-to baby gift.  

I also knitted a wee hat.  Both things seemed impossibly tiny!

And then I got geekily excited when we found this perfectly matching card.  *sigh*  I do adore all things matchy-matchy.

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  1. And we LOVE all of them. Peter wears the gown every night (when it's not in the wash) and I just love it! I would've been fine with the exposed serging, too, for future reference. :) We got lots of compliments on the hat, too. I am just now catching up on this blog as I'd forgotten about it. I am, as always, amazed at what you do and how you find time for it!!



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