Friday, March 23, 2012

Petal Skirty & Ruffled Legwarmers

A friend of mine asked me to knit her daughter a petal skirty, which I promptly decided was the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, I started it right before the Christmas/birthday crafting rush, so it took me for-freaking-ever to finish. I actually gave it to her a month ago, but am just getting to blogging about it now. It was perfect for her little one's first birthday last weekend, when we were having unseasonably gorgeous spring weather!

My friend supplied the yarn, O-Wool, which she Kool-Aid dyed herself.   I thought the soaker underneath seemed a bit wide as written, so I subbed the Snapdragon Soaker instead, which I knew was a good fit.

It used nearly every last inch of the green, but there was quite a bit of the petal colors left, so I made some ruffled legwarmers also.

These are a bit wild, especially in combination with the skirty, but I think that's what I love about them.


  1. Oh my good heavens can they BE any cuter?! Auntie M-

  2. so adorable!!!
    thanks for coming over & commenting on our lego party - i hope your son's party goes well! i'm sure he will love it!

  3. Es preciosa. Tienes unas manos fantásticas



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