Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jalie 2911: Shawl Collar Pullover

The lonely, unfinished shirt left from KCWC is done!  Please pardon my terrible photos.  It's a rainy day with a sick model -- and I somehow didn't think to use the flash for the pics of just the shirt, and now she's wearing it.  So yeah, they're bad.  My apologies.

However, you're likely not here to read about my lack of photography skills, so onto the sewing content.  E's newest long-sleeved shirt, from Jalie 2911.  I  made her a 98 width/104 length.  The 92/98 combo probably would have fit better right now, but I wanted some extra growing room.  It's made from some teal stretch french terry that I really love.  I'm thinking about making one for myself too (love that Jalie patterns have such a wide size range!) in the same color.  That won't be too geeky if we don't wear them on the same day, right??

It went together pretty easily.  I love sewing with stretch french terry.  The only issue I had was with the collar.  The directions were easy enough to follow and the construction of the collar was similar in some ways to O's fleece pullover, but I never quite get the corners right, so there's puckering.  I mustn't be lining them up correctly. This is my new sewing mission (other than, you know, actually finishing projects without a looming deadline), to figure out how to do this kind of inset thingy without puckering!  I don't think it's too obvious when it's on, at least.

Not remotely representational of the actual color
Crazy hair and sick eyes.  "Thanks for posting such a flattering picture on the internet, Mom."


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