Sunday, October 16, 2011

KCWC Days 6 & 7: Super Slouchy Boots

My primary goal for this week was to finish four projects, since the past two times, I've only managed three. Once again, I've finished three (can I count the shirt that's partially finished and say I have three and a half done?). 

I've been wanting some tallish boots for E. to wear with her skinny jeans, but it seemed silly to buy some for my little non-walker, especially since so many of them seem to have heavy soles and a bit of a heel. When I saw the Super Slouchy Baby Boots pattern, I thought I'd give them a shot. She has small feet for her age, but not that small, so I enlarged it to 110%. It ended up being pretty close, but for the next pair, I'm going to lengthen the toe area. They're a smidge too short, but don't need to be bigger anywhere else, especially the ankle.

The instructions were occasionally unclear, but the pieces fit together perfectly, and they sewed up quickly.  I see several pairs in E's future, once I get the fit just right. 

Now that KCWC is over, Halloween costume time is upon us -- after I finish up the aforementioned shirt.  Go check out all the goodies on the KCWC flickr group too.  There are some amazing clothes!

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