Friday, May 13, 2011

KCWC Days 3&4

I was only able to get in the bare minimum of sewing time on Wednesday and Thursday, but have a finished Fishsticks Designs Emmy to show for it.  I've had this Emmy planned for so long that when I went to cut it out, I realized I'd only traced the long-sleeved pattern piece.  So much for it being a winter dress!  The spring version is short-sleeved and tunic length to go with the linen shorts.

I made two minor changes to the pattern.  I cut the cuff half as tall as specified, to give it more of a ringer tee look, and instead of hemming with a half-inch double fold, I serged the edge and just folded up the full inch.

I really love this pattern, and have made it three times before.  I'm sure there are many more in E's future, since it's so quick, comfy and cute.

Proof that she does smile, just not at the camera these days!

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  1. LOVE that fabric! Great sewing. Here from kcwc flickr pool.



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