Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KCWC Days 1&2

So, remember way back four days ago when I said I learned my lesson about having matching thread before starting a project?  I was totally kidding!  I'm calling my dark brown topstitching a design detail.  Yep... planned it like that.

I spent the first day of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge tracing and cutting and today sewed up some linen Favorite Things Little Smarty Pants Bermuda shorts for E.  Does it make sense for a three-year-old to have linen shorts?  I'm hoping they look good even more wrinkled that this:

I really liked the pattern. Quick to put together with some nice details.  I especially like the flat front and the way the cuffs are sewn, almost like a tuck.  I had planned to make the button tabs on the waistband too, but I did a terrible job of topstitching (very "Becky-homecky," as Michael Kors would say) and abandoned that idea.

I'm fairly certain the legs are actually the same length!

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