Saturday, May 7, 2011

Balloon Wreath

When I saw this Celebration Balloon Wreath tute, I thought it was pretty much the cutest thing ever, and perfect for O's birthday.

This project was not, however, as quick and easy as I was led to believe.  I think my balloons must've been much smaller than she used, because I had to put them a lot closer together and even though my wreath was the same size, after I finished up my three bags of 100 balloons, I was only a bit past halfway done. There were only two bags left at the nearest Hobby Lobby, and one of those bags had a handful of oddly shaped ones that I couldn't use, so I ran out before making it all the way around.  I wrapped it with ribbon to hang and called it good.  I may go back and add more later, but not until after my fingers heal! My tips of my thumb and index finger are pretty sore from pushing in nearly 500 floral pins. (BTW, the giant bag of pins shown in the tutorial is $4.99 at Hobby Lobby and I have tons left over.  My JoAnn's only had packs of 25 for $2 or thereabouts.) 


  1. That is simply awesome! You could make more and sell them because I think they are cool. And it is not fair--you have a Hobby Lobby! There are none in the cities. I only get to one in Mankato when we are with JD's parents. Love Hobby Lobby!

  2. This is amazing! Thanks so much for linking the tutorial, I will have to plan it for my twins' b-day next year. At least that gives me 10+ months to pin all the balloons on!



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