Monday, January 31, 2011

Jalie 2806 for Me!

Despite having a generous supply of adult patterns (I seem to have a large stash of pretty much everything sewing-related), I rarely actually get around to sewing anything for myself.  I've had this print earmarked for a Jalie 2806 top for several months, so when I saw that the Sewing Mamas January Challenge was sewing for yourself, I knew just what to make.  Of course, I still waited until the last day of January.

Like the other Jalies I've sewn, the shirt went together quickly and the sizing was spot-on.

I'm not sure I'm crazy about the style on me, though.  This is especially silly, because it looks just like the pattern picture.  I know I look better in shirts that are more fitted through the middle, so why did I choose this one?  I still like it, but I'll remember for next time that it's more suited to E.  She's such a skinny thing that she can use some extra fabric.  (Did you know Jalie patterns start with a toddler size 2 and go up to women's plus sizes?  All in one pattern!  Awesome.)


  1. You look adorable in all that wildness. I thought we belonged to the sisterhood of solid neutrals, but no more!

  2. I am so pleased to learn there is a sisterhood of solid neutrals. :-) I will immediately alert my friend who pesters me incessantly about my wardrobe choices. The shirt looks great on you Sarah. And how about those new frames?



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