Monday, February 14, 2011

A HeartFELT Valentine's Day

Nothing like waiting until the last minute once again, huh?  I finally finished up our Valentine's Day bunting this afternoon, after having the pieces cut for weeks.  O. chose the glittery felt for the hearts.  I'm so not a glitter person, but it turned out cute.  This is the first time I've made a bunting with felt for the backing.  The others, for the kids' birthdays and Halloween, were turned and topstitched quilting cottons.  Those hang better, but this was so much faster!  I think it would be a great no-sew project too.  I wanted the added texture of the visible stitching, but you could whip one out pretty quickly with a hot glue gun!

Look, we covered up that weird outlet above the mantel with a clock!  Much better.  "Bee Mine" is a printable from here and the owl is from here.

While we were stocking up on glitter felt, O. also found some felt bookmark blanks, so we decided to get some felt letters and hearts and make personalized bookmarks for his classmates' valentines.  Grandma stepped up and helped him work on them over the weekend when I was knee-deep in prep for E's birthday party (dress details to be posted in the next few days), and we finished the last five or so last night.  He really enjoyed choosing which colors and hearts to use for each friend and did the majority of the work himself.  He only needed help finding the letters in the pile and putting on the ribbons.


  1. Gah! So cute! Thanks to your inspiration, I finally sewed a banner! And here I thought bunting was in reference to cribs and babies.

  2. Love this. As the sewing contributor for Making the World Cuter, I'm featuring this in a Valentine's Day Roundup posting soon. :) Hopefully it will bring lots of traffic your way.



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