Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fleece Socks & Infinity Scarf

Why, yes, it is January 19th and I am still posting about holiday gifts....  I just mailed the last one on Tuesday, so there's one more post coming when I know it has arrived at its recipient's house.

My oldest nephew is 15, and we usually give him a gift card of some kind, but I like to have some "thing" for him to open as well.  Since I couldn't find him a unicycle, despite my obsessive stalking of Craig's List (if you're a local reader and see one for sale somewhere, please let me know), I figured fleece socks were the way to go.  These are the Green Pepper Polar Socks in the calf-high version, men's size 12.  I  made the regular/narrow width, but I think if I made the men's socks again, I'd use the regular/wide instead.  They looked a bit too narrow, although maybe it was just compared to the length of the sock.

Fleece socks are such a fun, quick, and useful gift. I still have two pairs that my sister made for me back when I was in college!

Then, for my friend who told me she wanted to start wear scarves, but was worried she'd look like someone from Designing Women, a ruffled infinity scarf.  I figured that was the least Designing Women-ish scarf style there is.

I used 7" wide strips of soft, thin jersey and did a lettuce edge on the serger instead of a zig-zag like in the original tutorial.  I think my fabric must've had some lycra in it, though, because it didn't ruffle nearly as much as other lettuce hems I've done.  Bummer.  Or maybe it was that it was two layers?  

I also constructed mine differently.  Since you're sewing it wrong sides together anyway, I sewed the short ends together first, pressed the seam allowances open and then sewed the long edges.  It seemed like a neater construction method.

Modeled here with my Jalie 2806


  1. Your caftiness never ceases to amaze me, of course, but your subtle humor is the real reason I love you so dearly! -Auntie M



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