Friday, January 6, 2012

Crayon Organizer

I'm getting lazier and lazier with post titles as I try to catch up on blogging Christmas gifts.  Not feeling overly clever at the moment. 

For my four-year-old Curious George-loving nephew, a crayon holder.  O. had a serious George phase of his own, so I still have quite a bit of CG fabric in the stash. 

I made a few of these as gifts about three years ago or so.  It's a self-drafted pattern with a velcro closure and a pocket for a pad of paper and stickers.  I used fusible fleece to line the body.  The one thing I did differently this year was to make the crayon pockets 1" wide instead of 3/4". I think this helped limit pulling on the cover side.  On O's, which has been used and abused, you can see where each pocket is from the outside.


  1. This is too cute! My kids would b thrilled...too bad I can only sew pillows and pillowcase dresses..hoping to graduate to harder projects someday!




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