Saturday, December 11, 2010

Small Things

I love making things for babies!  There's something about knowing that you're working on something that's going to be snuggled on a brand new little person that's extra special.

A close friend had a baby boy last week, so I knitted him a soaker sack -- which is the best. thing. ever. on a cloth diapered newborn overnight!  I can still picture E's scrawny little chicken legs all curled up in hers -- a hat from my own pattern, and sewed a matching shirt from the New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern

I've been holding onto this yarn, beautiful hand-dyed BFL from Selah, for a couple of years, and I think this was the perfect project for it.

Then my friend posted on Facebook that she was looking for a newborn-sized Santa hat.  I had *just* been whining to her about how my projects were piling up because I had bronchitis and hadn't been up to doing much (Yes, I was complaining to the mom of a brand-new baby who also has a first-grader and a toddler.  I'm classy like that.), so I don't think she wanted to ask me to knit one, but I jumped at the chance, especially after seeing this inspiration pic.  Is that not the most adorable thing you have ever seen?

I think my version turned out pretty cute too, and she says it fits!



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