Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yesterday was playsilk dyeing day.  Between the coffee, turmeric, vinegar and various types of Kool-Aid, I had a very odd smelling kitchen!  We fixed that by baking gingerbread men when O. got home from school.  :)

There are about a billion tutorials for dyeing silk already, so I won't write one up, but I used the 30x30" scarves from  Dharma Trading Co. and the following dyes:

Red: 2 packets strawberry KA, 2 packets cherry KA
Yellow: 3 packets lemonade KA, 1 tsp turmeric (I think I could've skipped the Kool-Aid altogether for this one!)
Green: for two silks, 4 packets lemon-lime KA, 1 packet arctic green apple, a dab of sky blue Wilton icing dye.  I had planned on using leaf green Wilton dye for these, but the container leaked all over and one of us must've thrown it out.  I'd have liked to have a grassier looking green.
Blue: sky blue Wilton dye
Purple: 3 packets grape KA, 1 packet strawberry.  This was my biggest dud, but it looks better now that it's rinsed out and dry.  I was going for a brighter purple.
Brown/Gold: for two silks, two five-cup pots of coffee + 1 quart of water.  This is my favorite!  It's a really pretty gold in person, a little lighter than the picture.


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