Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tie Dye!

An awesome friend of mine has been throwing an annual tie dye party for the last several years (which I thought I had posted about other years, but I apparently not).  I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with tie dye.  On one hand, I think it looks so fun, and O. really enjoys designing his shirts.  On the other hand, I like precision.  Which, you know, is pretty much the polar opposite of tie dyeing. So every year I agonize for way too long over everything, and it ends up turning out just fine.  Two things I have learned over the years, though, are to use way more dye than you think you need and that looser rubber bands = less white (shocking, huh?).

Here are our finished products from this year:

Skirt for me, tee and dress for E. (skirt and dress blanks from Dharma)
O's tees -- he's really into purple at the moment
Tie dye obsessing was aided and and abetted by Pinterest this year.  I can barely remember life without Pinterest. Heh.  Here's my tie dye board, if you'd like to check out the inspiration and instructions for some of the folds.


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