Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snap-a-who? Snapazoo!

I made this little guy last week from the KAM Snaps tutorial for a two-year-old's birthday present.  I think he's pretty funny.

I used two layers of anti-pill fleece, but it took me way longer than the woman on the Kam site who made hers in fifteen minutes.  I finished in about an hour.

I ran out of time to try to decipher many more of the teeny-tiny instructions, but did manage the above bear and this pig.  He was my favorite.  O. thought he looked like a cow, which I can also see.  Either way, his little face amuses me.  I don't think this will be my last Snapazoo!


  1. Oh that's cute, I'm not great with snaps....all those snaps would take me an hour ;)

  2. Did you turn and top stitch this or just outline the two pieces right sides out?

    1. I turned and top stitched, but I think either way would work.



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