Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fleece Hats

A few weeks ago I realized we were sorely in need of new hats. I walk E. to school and back four days a week, and O. was no longer a fan of his police hat from last year.

O. requested a simple hat from the leftover Badger fleece. The scale of that print is a bit too big for a kids' hat, but I tried to make it work. I made a size small Classic Beanie from Green Pepper 534 - Polar Beanies.

Unwilling Model
Then I got to work on my hat and E's. I was going for maximum warmth, so decided on The Rainshed's Convertible Bomber Hat pattern, which is the same one I'd used for O's police hat and E's last fleece hat. I left the drawcord off of mine, but added a 1" wide strap with velcro onto E's.

Once O. saw mine, he said, "I really wish mine had earflaps." To which I replied, "I asked you if you wanted earflaps and you said no!" And then I made him one anyway, because Wisconsin winters suck, and I'd thought he should have the warmer version in the first place. There was just enough of the print fleece leftover to eek out one more hat, although once again I didn't get the W in quite the right place.

Adult S/M, Child M/L, Child S/M
Not bad for an afternoon's sewing, huh?


  1. Those hats are really cool... earflaps are so practical!

  2. They are super cute! I love the style; I'm inspired to make some this weekend!

  3. Super cute. Just found your site. I picked the pattern up at my local JoAnns to make a few for my Mom. Looks like a good afternoon of sewing.

    1. Thanks, Rose! I hope the pattern works out for you.



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