Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playing Catch Up

My poor sewing machine has been about as neglected as this blog over the summer, but I did accomplish a few things.  Most were back in June, so I'm foggy on the details, but fortunately there's photographic evidence!

After the kindergarten quilts, I think O's teacher was concerned that I might hate her, so I made sure to sew her something as a thank you gift for the last day of school.  I decided to go with a gathered clutch and a key fob.

Let's pretend it's not crooked in the photo, okay?
I was excited to find the dotted ribbon, which was a perfect match IRL (my photo skills lately have been sorely lacking).  The clutch went together pretty well, although the corners by the zipper don't look nearly as nice as in the tutorial, and I should have made the lining a wee bit smaller.  O. picked out a dragonfly charm for the zipper pull, since he said she really likes dragonflies. 

I also made myself a key fob, which I have been finding surprisingly handy, especially for quick trips like school drop off and pick up, when I am wearing a skirt or dress with no pockets. I put a quick release key chain thing on mine, since the husband is not so fond of the key fob.  Plus he's more likely to have roomy pockets.

Shortly after school let out, a friend had a birthday.  I made truffles and packaged them in this lunch/gift bag.  I don't remember anything about sewing up the bag, so it must have gone quite well!

I really like this fabric, can you tell?

After that, I didn't touch my machine all summer, other than a few repair jobs, until I made O. a new backpack yesterday (post on that coming soon!).  I did knit a few things, though.

Two Snapdragon Soakers.  The first from Peace Fleece for a friend's little guy, the second from O-Wool, a custom order for another friend's cloth diapering store.

Then another friend sent me this link and asked if I could knit something similar for her to take pictures of her new nephew when he arrives. A stockinette rectangle?  Yes, I can!  I used Aloft.

I think it will be much more interesting wrapped around a newborn!

So, that's what I did on the sewing and knitting front this summer.  I always have grand aspirations and accomplish little.


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