Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Miss Molly for Miss S.

More birthday sewing!  A friend's daughter turned six last week, and when I asked what she wanted or needed, I was excited that a summer dress was on the list.  I've had the Handmade Dress's Miss Molly pattern for a couple of years, but despite E. having a super cute one made by my friend Stephanie, I've never sewn it myself.  After digging around in the stash a bit, I found two coordinating fabrics and got to work.

The pattern says it's a two-hour project, but it took me closer to three.  If I'd made the version without the ruffle on the bottom, it probably would've been quite a bit quicker.  I kind of hate gathering.

The only change I made was to cut the body of the dress 2.5" shorter than the pattern.  It's meant to be long, but I was concerned it was going to look more like a nightgown than a dress if it was nearly floor-length.  I held it up to O. for sizing, and it fell about mid-calf.   

I wasn't sure how clothing would go over as a present at this age -- the boy is usually less than enthusiastic about receiving clothes, unless it's something super specific that he asked for -- but the Birthday Girl and her female party guests were really funny oohing and aahing over the different cute outfits she got.  O. seemed a little befuddled watching them.  I heard him say to his dad, "Wow, these girls get really excited about clothes!"  Ha.

I'm not sure what's on deck next.  The birthday frenzy is over for a while now, so I should probably get started on spring/summer clothes for the kids, and I have a few things planned for myself too.

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  1. This is so cute Sarah. I know a girl w/ a May b-day who would love a dress like this. ;-)



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