Monday, September 27, 2010

Ooga Olivia and Lily

My last project for KCWC was this dress and leggings set for E.  I've been hanging on to this purple Ooga Booga print and coordinating stripe for months, and it was time to sew it up!  The dress is the Farbenmix Olivia underdress without the hood or pocket.  E's tall and thin, so I added an inch of additional length to the size 86/92.

The pants are the Lily leggings from Ottobre 06/2007.  She's moving into 3T in RTW, so I made size 98 without a seam allowance on the legs, but the fit is more like pants than leggings.  She'll either need to chunk up, or I have to remember to size down more for a slimmer fit.  ;)

I was really excited at how nice my hem with the twin needle turned out!  I've tried it less successfully in the past, but read to use Wooly Nylon in the bobbin, which made a huge difference.  I'll definitely be using that often.


  1. This is adorable!!! And I love your blog header :D

  2. I love Oogas!! I made some soft-soled shoes out of that stripe, and I wish I would have appliqued an Ooga Booga on them now.
    Love, Gretch

  3. How do you use the twin needle? I got one at that quilting store I took you to and I've been afraid to try it out... and I don't have any wooly nylon.



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